Summer Brunette / West Palm Beach Colorist

Summer is here. The most request for summer hair is to go lighter or blonder. I love when clients sit in my chair and want to go darker for the summer. Brunettes are so beautiful in the sun light! It’s the best time of the year to really show off your color. Amanda has been going light to dark and we did a full color application but still kept a hue of lightness to her color. I love the rich brown and the honey blonde highlights, gives a summer brunette just the look she was looking for ! Enjoy the slide show below. ❤ Z

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One thought on “Summer Brunette / West Palm Beach Colorist

  1. Amanda says:

    My name is Amanda and I have been a client of Zaklina’s for roughly 2 years, I absolutely love her. She always know what is the right style or color for me. I constantly change my style and Zaklina always tells me what works best for me.

    I love my current cut and color, please give her a call if you want the right style from the right professional.

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