Wedding Trends for the New Year – West Palm Beach Bridal Hairstylist and Makeup Artist


With every new year comes new trends… and not just in the fashion & beauty industry, but in the wedding industry too! You all know by now that I absolutely adore working weddings and helping my brides look amazing on their big day. For all my 2013 brides, I wanted to compile a list of some of the upcoming wedding trends. Hopefully it’ll bring some fresh, new ideas to the table to make your big day the best that it can be.

2013 Wedding Trends:

  1. Food Truck Frenzy – The food truck craze has taken over, and many event planners think that these popular kitchens on wheels will make an appearance in 2013 weddings! Not only are they fun and unique, but they’ll offer the guests a wide variety of convenient gourmet cuisine. 
  2. Local Goods – With more and more people becoming conscience of the importance of shopping local (not only for health reasons but also to improve the local economy) there’s to be an increase of localized weddings. Couples can look to local farmers, chefs, wineries, seafoods and more to create a truly high quality event.
  3. Fun Fun Fun! – There’s no denying that brides want their day to be one that they and their guests will always remember. Many 2013 brides will be looking to up the fun factor by having creative food stations (mashed potato bar, smores bar, etc.), carnival foods, interactive entertainment and more. Many couples are also opting for a wedding after party, where it’s okay for grandma & grandpa to leave and the younger crowd to get a little wild.
  4. Lace – While it’s always been a staple in bridal gowns, it’s been showing up on more and more runways. Look for more lace in 2013… and not just the wedding dress. Lace can be incorporated in your decor, wedding cake, favors, and more. Lace makes such a whimsical and elegant addition to weddings.
  5. Virtual Weddings – More couples are embracing technology and broadcasting their weddings live. Guests who are otherwise unable to attend can see a live streaming recording of the event. It’s a great option to have so that all your friends and family (regardless of their location or health) can be a part of your special day!

I hope some of these ideas have lit a spark and will contribute to helping your wedding a truly memorable experience!

Don’t forget to book your hair & makeup trial with me so that we can perfect your wedding day look. 561.727.7127

Hair by Zaklina is one of the top West Palm Beach hair salons and has a convenient location in the heart of downtown, in an upscale boutique loft in the historic Harvey building. Always staying educated on the latest techniques and trends has kept her at the top of the local industry. Zaklina’s VIP services cover all ends of the beauty spectrum and she’ll help you look your best, no matter the occasion. Zaklina offers a wide range of quality services from precision cut & color, make up artistry and hair straightening, hair & eyelash extensions, and more.

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