Copper Red – West Palm Beach Hair Salon

Do you want to go red, but are scared of going too red? There are so many ways to get great red color and one that matches your individual style and skin tone. There are as many shades of red as there are fish in the sea, so there’s definitely one for you!

I love this copper red because it has a lot of control and just the right amount of brown and red to make it vibrant, but still chic and super flattering.

Let’s find your perfect shade of red! 561.727.7127 or email

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Hair by Zaklina is one of the top West Palm Beach hair salons and has a convenient location in the heart of downtown, in an upscale boutique loft in the historic Harvey building. Always staying educated on the latest techniques and trends has kept her at the top of the local industry. Zaklina’s VIP services cover all ends of the beauty spectrum and she’ll help you look your best, no matter the occasion. Zaklina offers a wide range of quality services from precision cut & color, make up artistry and hair straightening, hair & eyelash extensions, and more.

West Palm Beach Hairstylist, West Palm Beach Hair Salon

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