Jen, Hot Heads Hair Extensions – West Palm Beach Hair Salon

Jen is a great client and dear friend of mine. When we first met, used to use Great Length hair extensions, which is a great company but not so great for hair with continued use. So three years ago we switched her to Hot Heads seamless tape hair extensions and she hasn’t turned back. Hot Heads hair extensions don’t damage your locks and also allows it to grow.

I get 2 packs each of 18-20 inch golden blonde and dark blonde to achieve her look. It’s been three years since we started and her hair is now almost as long as the extensions! Her hair is so healthy and strong, which is so important to me as a stylist. I always want to make sure that my clients hair not only looks good, but is healthy too.

Jen, hair extensions

Hair by Zaklina is one of the top West Palm Beach hair salons and has a convenient location in the heart of downtown, in an upscale boutique loft in the historic Harvey building. Always staying educated on the latest techniques and trends has kept her at the top of the local industry. Zaklina’s VIP services cover all ends of the beauty spectrum and she’ll help you look your best, no matter the occasion. Zaklina offers a wide range of quality services from precision cut & color, make up artistry and hair straightening, hair & eyelash extensions, and more.

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