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Color Correction: Back to Black – West Palm Beach Hairstylist

Are you naturally dark? Have you been wanting a new look? Color correction can take a few visits, but it’s so worth the wait! If done correctly, the result is absolutely beautiful. My client was naturally dark, and then went super blonde. But she decided it was time to get back to her natural dark hair color. Sometimes, if it’s not filled correctly, the color can look muddy. But her end result was a rich and beautiful dark brown.

Do you need color correction for your hair? I’d love to help you get the color of your dreams! hairbyzaklinaz@gmail.com


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Light Roots to Dark Roots/West palm beach colorist

Meet Chloe!! Chloe has been a blonde for so many years now . With the new trendy style called the “ombre” More girls are asking for the darker root and lighter ends. This look is so great for clients that are looking for a change but with out a lot of maintenance. The ombre effect is so great because it gives you a look that is so different from others. Check out choloes before and after pictures of Being super blonde to the ombre style.

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