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Color specialist in west palm beach / Loreal colorist 

Color is so important and so is the health of your hair . As a colorist , I take into consideration how important it is to make sure that your hair stays healthy . Weather we do color or other treatments , your hair looking and staying healthy is my goal . Of course I want to give you the look you want , but it all comes with good care and at home care as well. Using Good color shampoo is super improtant and using a great mask helps too . You gotta remeber your breaking those bonds in your hair … Super important to invest in shampoo and conditioner 

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Balayage specialist in Palm Beach 

I love balayaing  my clients ! You may ask what that is , usually clients get a foil highlight but with balayage its a free hand paint system , it gives you a natural look . With lots of movement and texture . We use a lightner and paint it on to your hair . For those clients seeking for a natural look this style is for you ! Make an appointment today for your balayage experience 


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