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Classic Bun /West Palm Beach wedding stylist

Meet Amy! This years wedding season is going to be so busy. My schedule is full of hair styles and makeup applications. The best part of my job is being able to provide excellent service, and give my clients the styles they desire. Have you ever asked your self what styles look best on you? As a stylist my best advice is to change your look often , because it helps give you a change that you can get adopted too. Amy attended a wedding in west palm beach and wanted a pulled back ,clean bun that was elegant . With her makeup, Amy had flawless skin, so i did a traditional makeup application. With her eyes i used some champagne colors mixed with purples and browns. I wanted to give her full lashes, so I added false lashes. Amy’s over all look came out beautiful and I couldn’t be happier with her look. What do you think of Amy’s styles?

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Hot Chic

There are many things that I think set me apart from your ordinary hair dresser; one of these things being that I absolutely love to educate!

I have had the pleasure of working with so many amazing stylists and if it weren’t for them teaching me the tricks of the trade I wouldn’t have been able to evolve into the hairstylist I am today.

I truly believe that hair is the most essential part of a woman, so I love it when I see my clients experiment with their look. I found that I would style my clients for them to only wear the style that day and then go back to their original look. The reason: most women don’t really know how easy some of the styles I do on them really are. Because I wanted to cater to my clientele and teach them just how easy these looks are to do, I started a YouTube channel last November. In my videos I provide step-by-step instructions on different hairstyles depending on the current trends. You can checkout my channel here.

I posted a poll here on my blog earlier this month where I asked you guys to select the Spring  2012 hair trend you’d like to see in my next video; the results were a tie between the rich & elegant bun and slightly dewy ringlets. Since it was a tie I decided to do my own twist on the bun and created what I call “The Chic Bun”.

Check it out at http://youtu.be/ZKZdmBKHTH4 and follow along as I show you how to achieve this sleek, chic bun right at home!

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