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Pretty in Pink | West Palm Beach Hairstylist, Colorist

Meet Mari. Mari is one of my lovely clients and she LOVES changing her hair color (and I love changing it for her). She always comes to me with an idea of what she wants, but then allows for me to use my creativity to create the best look for her skin tone and face frame. I’ve taken Mari from very dark brown to a caramel ombre then to a much lighter/blonder ombre, back to dark brown with a hot pink streak. Then from the dark brown with hot pink strip to an all over copper with some highlights, then to a dark copper/red, to light brown – I’ve done it ALL on this girl!

Mari is getting ready for her engagement photo shoot on Saturday (which I will be styling as well!) and we wanted to change it up to something super fun for her pictures. So she came in yesterday and I added copper/red again, but this time I used L’Oreal’s DIAcolor (which I’ll be posting about soon!). I love the shade of copper/red we chose because indoors it looks rich and deep, but once she’s in the sun it appears to be almost strawberry/orangish. I also added pink rose (a lighter pink than the hot pink we did before) streaks on each side to give her that punk rock kind of look. Mari loves pink and punk is completely her personality so I think this look suits her perfectly. I can’t say it enough: I absolutely LOVE what we’ve done this time around.

Take a look at all the looks we’ve done on Mari (click on each image to view full size) … which color do you like best on her? Would you rock any of these looks?

If you have a business and are interested in learning what marketing services Mari offers, be sure to check her out at facebook/imaginenationmarketing! While you’re there, be sure to “like” the page as she posts some great marketing tips on a daily basis.

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