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 Color Blocking / Balayage Highlights and Lowlights  

Is your stylist using foils and you want more of a natural , Victoria Secret look! Balayage is the right technique for you . We use cotton and Siren wrap to keep the color from bleeding . Balayage comes from a French technique that is used all over Europe . If you want a new look or just a new technique , come check out the stylist at Hair by Zaklina ! We are always up to date and learnig new things . Check out our Facebook and website at http://www.hairbyzaklina.com   

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Why having a great hairstylist is so Important – Downtown Salon

I have been in the beauty industry for about 6 years and I trained for 2 years. Once I felt ready I went on the floor. I knew instantly in my heart the passion for hair!!

So my journey began at The Spa at Wellington Green and then the doors closed, 6 months after I finally got to be a stylist behind the chair.So I traveled north Florida and south Florida. While working for David K Salon, Generations, One XI, O! Hair Salon, you say it I have tried it.Then I discovered that I would just do better renting. Renting is when you are your own boss. I did that for a year and a half at One X1. Then I heard about a space in the Harvey Building. I’ve been there for 3 years now I am getting my first store front in downtown West Palm Beach on S.Olive, what a dream come true.

I guess the reason for this blog today is that you have to follow your dreams and dream big. Speak to the universe and it will give you what you are asking and working hard for. I am truly blessed to have accomplished so much in just 6 years. I can’t wait to teach other stylist how to do great hair and become professional stylist with style. Recently I have noticed when I go to weddings and say we do the makeup and someone else does the hair, it is a difference.

Hair by Zaklina, my work and techniques are just so hip and chic and I make sure it’s flattering to the clients as well. I take pride in my work and the way my clients color, updo or whatever service we do, we make sure u look amazing and feel amazing! Check us out at http://www.hairbyzaklina.com





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Brunette with Highlights – Salon in west palm beach

Brunette with Highlights/Salon in west palm beach

Are you a natural brunette and you want to go light?! With the right colorist and Loreal Professional color we can achieve the look you’re looking for! I really love using Loreal Professional products because only their products are so precise and it just makes my work look that much more fabulous and refreshed without damaging the hair. Being a specified colorist, I love giving a neat and great finish to all of my clients! Book your appointment today – http://www.hairbyzaklina.com

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