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I wanna make you blush

Having worked with TeamBeauti for 4 years I have come to somewhat favor my bridal clients. Don’t get me wrong, I love all my clients, but there is something about the excitement that a bride has that makes the experience of working with them inspiring and rewarding.

Realizing how deep my love for bridal work is, I have decided to begin a new venture in conjunction with the current changes I am making to Hair by Zaklina. Ladies and gentlemen (drumroll, please): It is my pleasure to introduce to you … Blushing Brides by Zaklina!

If you are interested in using my bridal services I am now offering, for a limited time only, a FREE hair or makeup bridal trial to any brides-to-be who “like” my Facebook page.  Bridal trials are so important because they allow for me to not only connect with the bride, but share and create beauty techniques specifically for her in order to fully prepare us for her special day. As a beauty expert, it is crucial to me to make sure that my art and creation comes to life in a way that compliments and highlights the bride’s natural beauty and bridal trials play an instrumental part in that.

Visit my Facebook at www.Facebook.com/HairByZaklina, “like” the page, and book a trial with me so that I can play a part in making your day beautiful and special. As your stylist, I promise to deliver kindness, creativity, and most importantly a beautiful end result that will leave you tickled pink (hence the title “Blushing Brides by Zaklina”).

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How to Blow Dry Your Hair Straight

One of the most common questions I hear from my clients is “how do I blow dry my hair at home to get the same look you give me?” Because of this, I wanted to do a tutorial to show you ladies at home how you can blow dry your hair straight just like they do it at the salon.

You can check out the video on my YouTube channel by visiting http://youtu.be/077r5YHY7JM.


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The creation of beauty is art.

As a hairstylist and makeup artist it is so important to me that I constantly update my portfolio. A few weekends ago I grabbed a few girls, all my tools, and called in a photographer so that I could experiment with a few of my favorite looks.

Check out a few of the images we got out of this shoot below!

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INOA What You Want

One of the biggest complaints I used to receive from color clients was the smell and itchy/burning feeling from hair coloring. In 2010 I became an INOA by L’Oréal Professionnel Specialist and since then have only used INOA color on my clients.

Just recently I had a new client come in for a color and after having experienced INOA she called me to tell me how pleased she was with the product and her color. This call made me realize that although colorists may have knowledge of INOA, a lot of clients do not. Because of this I wanted to do a post on INOA and the many benefits of it.

Permanent color typically contains high levels of ammonia. The ammonia is used to swell the hair in order to help deposit the color however with such amounts of ammonia you end up experiencing strong odor, scalp irritation and frizzy, course hair.

Thankfully L’Oréal Professionnel has discovered a way to remove the ammonia and replace it with monoethanolamine or MEA (found in demi permanent color) along with a mineral oil gel that has a high affinity for hair (but not for MEA). L’Oréal Professionnel names this line of ammonia-free haircolor INOA, which stands for “Innovation NO Ammonia”.

Right before INOA is put on hair, oleogel (the mineral oil gel), is mixed together with MEA and the other key components for tinting locks—the oxidative hair dye and the hydrogen peroxide that develops the hair dye. Oleogel contains special emulsifying agents that allow the oil to mix with the other water-based ingredients. But, when the mixture is on hair, the oil coats the outside of hair strands and repulses the MEA, driving it to open the cuticle and penetrate the hair. Adding this oil changes the ability of MEA to penetrate the hair creating more powerful hair color.

INOA respects the amino acids and lipid balance of the natural hair color and has been laboratory tested to return hair to its natural state after 9 applications. The end result of INOA is infinite hair color that leaves your hair shiny and smooth with coverage on up to 100% of white (gray) hair. My favorite thing about INOA is it’s exact and predictable color palette.

Although the actual hair color does not contain ammonia, as you will see through many articles online, the post shampoo does. Since I like to provide all my clients with services that not only they are happy with but comfortable with as well, I do like to give the option of using a different shampoo after coloring to those who would like a 100% ammonia free experience.

To learn more about INOA visit www.inoa-us.com. To book an appointment with me to experience the haircolor of the future (INOA) visit my website or call 561.727.7127 today!

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Hot Chic

There are many things that I think set me apart from your ordinary hair dresser; one of these things being that I absolutely love to educate!

I have had the pleasure of working with so many amazing stylists and if it weren’t for them teaching me the tricks of the trade I wouldn’t have been able to evolve into the hairstylist I am today.

I truly believe that hair is the most essential part of a woman, so I love it when I see my clients experiment with their look. I found that I would style my clients for them to only wear the style that day and then go back to their original look. The reason: most women don’t really know how easy some of the styles I do on them really are. Because I wanted to cater to my clientele and teach them just how easy these looks are to do, I started a YouTube channel last November. In my videos I provide step-by-step instructions on different hairstyles depending on the current trends. You can checkout my channel here.

I posted a poll here on my blog earlier this month where I asked you guys to select the Spring  2012 hair trend you’d like to see in my next video; the results were a tie between the rich & elegant bun and slightly dewy ringlets. Since it was a tie I decided to do my own twist on the bun and created what I call “The Chic Bun”.

Check it out at http://youtu.be/ZKZdmBKHTH4 and follow along as I show you how to achieve this sleek, chic bun right at home!

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Fake It Easy

I did a photo shoot this weekend to update my portfolio with some hot hair and makeup looks for Spring 2012. If you’ve ever tuned in to my YouTube Channel, you know that I do a lot of work with Makiin, a local female hip hop artist.

I love working with Makiin because not only is she beautiful, but she’s so versatile. I can literally style this girl’s hair and makeup however I want and she rocks the look like it belongs to her!

While styling Makiin for the shoot this weekend I wanted to be able to showcase one of my favorite looks: the faux bob! Check out the before and after pics below to see how amazing this look came out on her. The girl fakes it easy!

If you’re interested in getting a faux bob like Makiin’s, be sure to book an appointment online at www.HairByZaklina.com or by calling me at 561.727.7127.


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Twistin’ Time is Here

Hairstylists channeled easy elegance for spring runways leaving braids in 2011 and making 2012 the year of the twist. I love braids, but twists can be worn in every way the braid can and are much easier to do.

Check out the gallery below to see some of my favorite ways to wear this Spring 2012 hair trend.

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All Eyes on Z

Happy New Year!!!

I have so many exciting things in store for 2012. As I’m working towards my New Year’s resolution of becoming a platform artist here are some of the happenings in store for me …

I started my very first tutorial vlog in November which started off with a Retro ’60s how-to and ended with some Holiday hairstyles. I love shooting these fun how-to videos so much that I am going to continue to shoot them this year along with tutorials for makeup! If you haven’t had the chance to check out my vlog yet, you can find it at www.YouTube.com/HairByZaklinaLarriu.

Along with additions to my vlog you can also expect to see some exciting things happening on the Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/HairByZaklina. I selected a winner for my Makeover Giveaway and will be posting pictures along with video footage from the makeover on Facebook as well as on this blog. I will be posting fan-exclusive money saving offers as well as more giveaways and contests as a way to say “thank you” for keeping up with what I’m up to and supporting me along the way.

I will also complete my final L’Oreal Professional education course!! Yayy! This means that in addition to styling, I can begin my career as an educator! Continued education is not just important in the hair industry in general, but it is so important to me as an individual hairstylist.  I am eager to pass on all that I have learned and developed the past several years to other stylists, and watch them use my techniques.  Who knows … maybe I’ll pick up a few new tricks myself!

You can also expect to see a newsletter popping up in your inbox (if you’ve opted in) which will include special coupons and links to surveys. I want to know how I’m doing and if my clients are as happy as they could possibly be with the services I’m providing! It’s so important to me to make sure that not only am I providing you with an awesome salon experience, but with top notch customer service as well.

I have decided to keep a blog as I work towards and complete my resolution. You’ll find personal notes, links to my videos, pictures of my work, and  details of things as they happen. I will also post links to hairstyles, colors and trends, my thoughts on them, as well as fashion and beauty tips.

Thanks so much to all my clients and friends who have supported me from the start and continue to as I begin my journey as no longer just a hairstylist, but a business woman making her mark in a fierce industry! I so look forward to sharing it with all of you and the future supporters to come.

Lots of love,

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