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JoJo – Low Maintenance Ombre Hair Color

Meet Jordan! She’s been my client for around 2 years and I’ve seen her go from red, to brown, and most recently, to bright blonde. While she loved her blonde bombshell look, the expense of keeping it up made her want a change. We decided to go with a low maintenance hair color technique, the ever popular ombre look. Many ombre looks lean towards darker shades, but we decided to keep her ends blonde and darken up the roots a bit. This look is low maintenance as root growth blends in with the look and you can wait longer in between touch ups.

Jojo looks beautiful with her new look and welcomed the change!

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Hottest Hair Color Trends for 2012 – West Palm Beach Hair Color

Thinking about changing your hue? While some may say to change it with the seasons, there’s no “perfect” time to switch it up. If you’re feeling like something different – go for it! I’ve made choosing your next look an easy process by listing all of this year’s hottest hair color trends in one place, along with beautiful pictures to go with each look.

1) Platinum blonde – keep in mind that this look won’t suit all skin tones (generally it works well with cooler skin tones). This look is Hollywood Hot, but does require regular maintenance.

2) Bronde – No, that wasn’t a typo. This is the perfect shade of brown and blonde, made popular by celebrities like Natalie Portman, Jennifer Aniston, and Gisele Bundchen. This look suits a myriad of skin tones, so it’s super versatile and a perfect shade for any Florida girl!

3) Ombre – This is ALL the rage. Any why shouldn’t it be? It’s gorgeous! “Ombre” comes from the French word meaning “shading” or “shaded”. An ombre look can be subtle or drastic, and either way – it looks amazing. This is another look that can work well with almost any skin tone.

4) Bright Shades – Whether it’s a pop of blue or pink streaks against jet black hair, a pastel pink peekaboo highlight in platinum blonde, or multiple colored dip-dye ends, celebrities are loving bright shades. It’s definitely a more eccentric look, but I’m loving it!

5) Balayage – this a very natural way of highlighting and works super great for sun-kissed, summer highlights. The great thing about living in West Palm Beach though, is that it’s practically summer all year long – so this look is great for us Florida gals!

Which look are you ready to rock? Give me a call or book your appointment online so that you can be sporting one of this years hottest looks!

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