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Color specialist in west palm beach / Loreal colorist 

Color is so important and so is the health of your hair . As a colorist , I take into consideration how important it is to make sure that your hair stays healthy . Weather we do color or other treatments , your hair looking and staying healthy is my goal . Of course I want to give you the look you want , but it all comes with good care and at home care as well. Using Good color shampoo is super improtant and using a great mask helps too . You gotta remeber your breaking those bonds in your hair … Super important to invest in shampoo and conditioner 

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Red head to Blonde – Downtown Colorist

Hailey wanted to go lighter! is it possible? yes! but as a colorist and stylist for 6 years, I find that doing 2 full highlights will give the look you want without damage. Good hair equals great color!! Check us out at: http://www.hairbyzaklina.com

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Bridal season – West Palm Beach Hair Salon

Bridal season is fast approaching! Here are photos of one of my beautiful brides! She looked absolutely timeless and it was such a pleasure to work with her for her special day! Blushing Brides is booking fast, to book your consultation give us a call today (561) 557-8760 http://www.hairbyzaklina.com



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Red Ombre Hair Style – West palm beach stylist

Red Ombre Hair Style/West palm beach stylist

Meet Stacie! My client Stacie wanted a whole new look. She came to me wanting a really low maintenance effect, so we decided to do an ombre look. With adding red to her rich dark brown hair, it really blended so well. Loving her new transformation of the ombre look!

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Light Roots to Dark Roots/West palm beach colorist

Meet Chloe!! Chloe has been a blonde for so many years now . With the new trendy style called the “ombre” More girls are asking for the darker root and lighter ends. This look is so great for clients that are looking for a change but with out a lot of maintenance. The ombre effect is so great because it gives you a look that is so different from others. Check out choloes before and after pictures of Being super blonde to the ombre style.

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Bye Bye Blondie, Hello Ombré!

Meet Amanda! Amanda wanted to be a brunette. Being a blonde for so long, it was time for Amanda to have a change! We decided to do the ombré effect. The ombré is such a great look for those who are looking for a new style or even just a touch of lightness! Below I posted Amanda’s before and after pictures! Amanda looks so amazing as a brunette! What do you think of her new shade of color?





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